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About Junk Professionals

Ankaj Saini, who graduated with a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Ottawa started his work in Junk Removal Industry.

While working in the Junk removal industry he observed lots of recyclable materials and good stuff being thrown into the transfer stations and ending up in the Landfills.

Ankaj Saini who is always an environment enthusiast decided to bring a change. While working in Junk Removal Industry he meets Simranjot Singh, who has long experience working in the Junk removal industry. They both decided to start this environmentally Friendly professional Junk Removal service named “ JUNK PROFESSIONALS”.

Junk Professionals, a locally owned and run business, is pleased to provide you best-ever service. And to meet our environmental aims of diverting items from the landfill, we will donate and recycle items whenever possible. Our expertise is junk removal, and we’re ready to provide a wonderful experience for our clients by working hard to haul their junk at unbeatable prices. So, if you’re seeking a decent offer, contact us and we’ll get you what you need!