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Same-Day Junk Removal

We Remove all kind of Junk, Whether it is Residential, Commercial or Construction /Renovation.

We Remove all kind of Junk, Whether it is Residential, Commercial or Construction/Renovation.

We Remove all kind of Junk, Whether it is Residential Junk, Commercial Junk and Construction/Renovation Junk.

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300+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

We Recycle & Donate Eco-friendly

Locally Owned & Trusted

SAVE $20!

Same and next day appointments available

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Do you have Junk? We enjoy assisting families and business owners in removing clutter and reclaiming their space. If you have any kind of junk from common household trash to minor demolition in your yard or anywhere on the property, we’ll remove it all.

Don’t let that junk stay around any longer; we’ll arrange for same-day junk removal from now on! You just need to make a call, and our helpful staff will arrange a professional team who’ll come to your place and give you an on-site quote after looking at the job.

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Choose Junk Professionals for Great Service

At Junk Professionals, we’ve got a good handle on a couple of things. Firstly, we understand that junk always piles up in the home or business. It could be an old sofa you’re holding onto for a family member or a broken freezer taking up space in your garage for months. Secondly, we know that when you’re ready to get rid of your junk, you want it gone ASAP. That’s why we provide same-day service. We don’t make you wait or tell you it’ll be a few days. When we say same-day pickup, we mean we’ll be there without delay. Don’t let that junk linger for a minute longer – schedule Junk Professionals’ same-day junk removal service today!

Getting Price at Junk Professionals Is Super Easy

Learn more about our transparent, onsite & no-obligation pricing.

How Junk Removal Service Works

We have customers, we have many customers located throughout the cities.


Need an appointment fast? We can be there as soon as today or tomorrow.


Once we’re on our way, we’ll give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us.


Our upfront, no-obligation quotes don’t leave our prices a mystery. It’s fair for you.
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Reach out to us to let us know about your junk removal needs. You can call us at (289)-212 0002 or book online – either way works for us.
We'll evaluate your requirements and provide you with a firm quote for the cost of the junk removal. Take your time and let us know when you'd like us to begin.
Our team will arrive on time and fully equipped! We bring the junk truck, a skilled crew, and all the necessary tools. Then, we gather up the junk and remove it.
After we're done, we'll check in with you. If we missed something, simply inform us, and we'll make it right. If everything looks good, we'll be on our way.
Our team will responsibly recycle or dispose of all items. There's no extra charge for this because our initial quote covers everything.

Best Price Guaranteed For Best Service

Junk Professionals is a fully licensed and insured, locally owned company that takes pride in serving customers and solving their problems. We offer junk removal, light demolition, and cleanout service in your neighborhood which is loved by all.

At Junk Professional, we offer upfront pricing & We are 100% sure that our pricing is lower than those of any comparable junk removal company without any compromise on service.  We guarantee you to beat any written quote from fully licensed & reputable company. We remove almost everything from everywhere.
So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 2892120002 or book an online appointment now!

Best Price Junk RemovalJunk Professionals best price guarantee

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Years Experience

Junk Removal Services Cost

Pricing is a tricky subject, especially for something subjective like junk. We assess fees based on volume, specifically the amount of space your trash consumes in our trucks.

Therefore, it’s much simpler to give you a price estimate in person rather than over the phone. When our team gets there, they will assess your junk and give you a precise quote.

Our Up-Front Quote Includes

Pick up and removal of your junk from wherever it is
Transportation and delivery fees
Costs of disposal and diversion
No Hidden or any extra charges

Want to know an instant quote?

You can send a picture of your apartment to (289)-212 0002 to get an exact price. Our rates are budget-friendly and encompass all the cleanout expenses. 


Our comprehensive junk removal service is designed to handle everything – you don’t have to lift a finger in the Southern Ontario and nearby areas! Our exceptional team members will go anywhere on your property to remove items you want gone, whether it’s the attic, basement, or garage. Just let us know what needs to go, and we’ll make it happen in a flash! So kick back and relax; we’ve got it covered!

Our team can take away a variety of items, including old furniture, appliances, electronics, trash, books, clothing, and virtually anything else you no longer want. We can even tackle light demolition projects, tearing down unwanted sheds, playhouses, hot tubs, and other small structures. The only items we can’t accept are hazardous or toxic, or anything that could be harmful for our team to transport.

Junk Professionals truly does it all! To get started, all you need to do is reach out to our team. We handle everything from loading up to hauling off and disposing of your junk.


We offer a free, no-obligation quote upfront. You’ll know the cost of the job before we start, and we’ll never raise the price for the items we quoted. Rest assured, there will be zero surprises at payment time.


We understand your time is valuable. That’s why Junk Professionals provides junk removal within 24 hours of your booking. We’ll get to you fast and ensure the job is done right. No more waiting around, wondering when you’ll check this off your list!


Outstanding customer service is our #1 priority. Junk Professionals’ team members are well-trained, polite, helpful, and capable. We ensure you have the best experience in the junk removal industry. That’s our mission every time!


We can’t thrive without a healthy environment. We recycle everything from plastic and cardboard to appliances and TVs, and we donate kids’ toys, furniture, clothing, and more. This approach keeps items out of the landfill. Anytime we can repurpose old items, we make it happen.

Who Is Junk Professionals?

Junk Professionals is a locally owned, trusted, and insured group of junk removal experts. As a local company, we’re committed to delivering the best possible service to our community. Our comprehensive junk removal service encompasses a wide range of items, and business junk is among the most valuable! When their junk accumulates at your home or business, you can’t safely proceed. That’s where our skilled, insured, uniformed, and enthusiastic team steps in to handle the job!


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Ready to dispose of your junk, don’t hesitate to contact our team today to get the ball rolling! You can easily book our services online or give our team a call at any time to schedule your project.  On the project day, you can count on our team to arrive fully equipped and ready to dive into the work! Once we’ve completed the job, we’ll transport your junk to an authorized waste management site.

Call us at 2892120002 to speak to a crew member right away.
You can also book online by filling out a short, simple form instead!
Next, choose an appointment day from our many available windows.
Then, we’ll give you our 2-hour arrival window in response.

Want to Learn More!

There are multiple ways to get rid of junk. Let's assume you want to do it all by yourself. In that case, you'll need to follow these steps: pick up the junk, rent a truck, load it into the truck, find a dumping area, take the truck to the area, and finally dump it. However, this process is time-consuming, and you might also need to pay for the truck and dumping site, as well as communicate with multiple people. Fortunately, there is an easier way - you can hire a local junk removal company like Junk Professionals, who will clear all your unwanted junk in the blink of an eye; all you need to do is point at the junk. The best part is that they are the most affordable and reliable junk removal company in GTHA and nearby areas!
If you’re willing to get rid of your junk fast; there is one single way, hire a locally-owned junk removal company. When you hire a local junk removal company they will take the job the same day whether it's weekend or late hours. Unlike the top haulers whose dates are rarely available as per your availability. For example, you can hire Junk Professionals if you want to get rid of junk quickly but at an affordable price in GTHA and nearby areas.

Junk removal services offer numerous valuable benefits for individuals, businesses, and communities. They provide convenient and efficient solutions for removing unwanted items, handling proper disposal, and optimizing space. With trained personnel and proper equipment, safety is ensured, reducing the risk of accidents. These services alleviate stress, save time, and are often more cost-effective than DIY efforts. Additionally, they contribute to environmental responsibility through recycling and donation. For those with busy schedules, junk removal services offer a quick and efficient solution to decluttering and reclaiming space.
To hire a junk removal service company you can look at these factors.

1. Reliability: Pick a service that offers consistent waste removal to maintain a clean environment.
2. Green Approach: Opt for eco-friendly companies that recycle and responsibly dispose of waste.
3. Fleet Size: Choose a provider with multiple trucks to handle your property's waste load.
4. Cost-Effective: Balance pricing and quality; go for competitive rates with good service.
5. Extra Services: Look for added benefits like property cleaning to streamline operations.
6. Certification: Ensure the company is licensed to handle various waste types safely.
7. Experience: Prioritize experienced, positively reviewed firms for reliable waste management.

For your needs, consider Junk Professional —a locally owned, licensed, certified junk removal company with the most affordable price in GTHA & nearby areas.
Junk removal is not expensive in the GHTA region, all you need is to be smart. If you go for a top company brand they usually charge franchise costs which is just a waste of money from your end. Rather the smartest way to go for a Locally Owned Junk Removal Company that would not charge you any franchise cost and even offer far better value than any top brands. And no doubt the service will be much better.
Free pickup of junk is a myth, my friend. There’s no one who will pick up junk for free unless you decide to take up the tremendous task and spoil all your weekend or family time. However, you can try affordable junk removal companies that will get you the best quote.
The answer to the question of whether to tip your junk removal crew is both "yes" and "no." If your junk haulers do an exceptional job, just like you would for any other service, it's a good idea to give them a tip. A gratuity of between 10% and 20% is a good way to express your gratitude.

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