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Piano Removal Service Hamilton

Getting rid of a piano by yourself can be tough. They're heavy, tricky to load, and you can't just toss them out with your regular garbage. So, you can contact Junk Professional and they'll complete the piano removal job in Hamilton like a piece of cake for you.

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Yes, We Take Old Piano in Hamilton

It might be possible to drag out an old chair or a TV, but most people run into trouble when it comes to pianos.

Pianos can take up a lot of room and require frequent tuning, particularly if they have been left unused. However, choosing to give it up can be difficult, particularly if it has been in the family for a long time or if your goal when acquiring it was to learn how to play. Regardless of the cause, bidding a piano farewell is a big choice.

And the removal procedure itself? That presents a very different difficulty! It’s not easy to move a piano, and getting it out of a room can be like solving a puzzle. Yes, you could try calling piano movers, but most of the time, these businesses don’t deal with disposal.

Why Junk Professionals for Piano Removal Near Hamilton

Junk Professionals has successfully provided piano removal and disposal services over 200 times since 2020 in Hamilton and nearby areas. This showcases our extensive experience in handling various piano removal scenarios adapting different situations and types of piano. Our proven process is fast and error-free, translating to cost savings because, as we all know, time is money.

Here’s what you can expect when you opt for Junk Professionals for your piano removal service in Hamilton:

  1. Affordable Pricing: Unlike the fat franchise business which charges a bomb for a simple job our pricing is very much pocket-friendly. Our piano removal and disposal start at just CAD125 (the final price depends upon the size of the piano), ensuring a budget-friendly solution.

  2. Clear Communication: We prioritize excellent client communication to keep you informed throughout the process, avoiding surprises.

  3. Comprehensive Insurance: We carry all necessary insurances to safeguard you, your property, and our staff during the piano removal.

  4. Safety First: Weekly safety reviews ensure a quick yet secure piano removal process.

  5. Professional Service: Expect courteous, polite, and professional service where every customer is treated like our only customer.

  6. Convenient Appointments: We schedule appointments with our crew arriving in 2-hour time slots, providing flexibility and avoiding all-day waiting. Additionally, we give courtesy calls when we are 20 minutes away.

  7. Lowest Rate and Price Guarantee: We guarantee the lowest rate in writing, ensuring you get the best deal for your piano removal. However can even beat any quote from a licensed junk removal company.

  8. Salvage Opportunities: In some cases, we may even do the job for free if we can salvage and resell the piano.

Old piano to be hauled

Types of Piano We Take in Hamilton

To make the process easier for you, we take care of removing different kinds of pianos in Hamilton. Because piano disposal is complex, there are some kinds that could be difficult. We take a customer-friendly approach, and our truck teams are uniformed and ready to inspect your piano in person whenever necessary. They’ll give you information about your options for disposal. The kinds of pianos that we can normally handle for you are as follows:

1. Grand or Baby Grand Pianos
2. Upright Pianos
3. Organs & Console Pianos
4. Digital Pianos & Keyboards
5. Parlor Pianos
6. Toy Pianos

Apart from Piano, we take other items in Hamilton. Here are the list.

  1. Junk Removal in Hamilton
  2. Furniture Removal in Hamilton
  3. Appliance Removal in Hamilton
  4. Estate Cleanout and Clearing in Hamilton
  5. Debris Removal in Hamilton
  6. And More


Where Can I donate my Old Piano in Hamilton

Yes, donating an old piano is an additional way to get rid of it. Giving your piano away to a worthy recipient is a simple and efficient way to part with it. That being said, you may need to arrange for the piano’s transportation and determine which charities will accept your donation.

But we’re gonna make things much easier for you. We have up with a list of donation centers in Hamilton that might accept your piano and restore its former glory.

  1. Music Canada
  2. Supporting HSSM
  3. The Aeolian
  4. Hamilton Public Library

Disposing Old Piano

If your piano is too beat up or can’t be sold or donated, you might have to toss it.

But, pianos are heavy and not easy to move, so think about hiring a junk removal company to handle getting rid of the piano the right way.

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