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Junk Removal Durham Region

Junk Professionals has expanded its services to Ajax, CA, ready to handle all your junk removal needs, be it for your home or business!

Junk Professionals has expanded its services to Durham and its nearby regions, ready to handle all your junk removal needs, be it for your home or business!

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Same Day Junk Removal In Durham Region

Junk Professionals, run by the locals is the most trusted Junk Removal company in Durham Region. What sets us apart from big-name, national companies is our down-to-earth attitude and strong connections to our community—something a mega-corporation won’t share with you. If you’re seeking a junk removal business dedicated to serving its regional neighbors in Burford, why not choose us? We provide junk removal in various service areas of Southern Ontario. Just reach out, pick up your phone, and book an online appointment. We’re eager to hear from you!

Save You Time & Trouble in Durham & Nearby Cities

Handling junk removal in Burford on your own can be a challenging and risky task. Here’s why you should skip the struggle and choose Junk Professionals for a hassle-free experience:

1. Heavy and Awkward Items: Moving heavy or awkwardly shaped items can be a real challenge. Junk Professionals has the experience and expertise to handle such items with precision and efficiency, saving you from physical strain and potential risks.

2. Risk of Injury: Safety is paramount. Moving large items on your own can lead to accidents and injuries. Have you ever dropped a couch or refrigerator on your feet? Our professionals are trained to navigate and handle heavy items, ensuring a safe and injury-free junk removal process.

3. Professional Expertise: Junk Professionals brings professional expertise to the table. Our experienced team knows how to approach different types of junk, ensuring the job is done perfectly on the first attempt.

4. Efficient and Quick Service: Don’t waste time and effort on struggling with junk removal. Junk Professionals provides efficient and quick service, ensuring your space is cleared without unnecessary delays.

5. Avoid the Risk: Why risk having an accident, especially when dealing with heavy and potentially dangerous items? Skip the risk and trust us to handle the job safely and professionally.

Here are the local municipalities we serve in the Durham Region, so you might always remember to save your time and money.

  1. Ajax
  2. Brock
  3. Clarington
  4. Oshawa
  5. Pickering
  6. Scugog
  7. Uxbridge
  8. Whitby

Junk Removal Process

Junk removal with us is a straightforward and easy process. Here’s how we make it hassle-free for you:

1. Contact Us: When you have junk that needs to be removed, simply give us a call or book appointment online. We offer same or next-day appointments, ensuring a quick response to your junk removal needs.

2. Prompt Arrival: We prioritise punctuality. Our team will be at your property on time, ready to assess and remove the items you want to get rid of. We understand the value of your time.

3. Courtesy Call: To keep you informed, we provide a courtesy call with our estimated time of arrival to your location in Broomfield. We believe in clear communication throughout the process.

4. On-Time Service: We always get there on time, ensuring that your junk removal process is efficient and doesn’t cause unnecessary delays.

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Cost Of Junk Removal in Durham

We believe in transparent and straightforward pricing for your junk removal needs. Here’s how our pricing works:

1. Space-Based Pricing: Our pricing is based on the space your items occupy in the back of our truck. This ensures a fair and proportional cost, making it easy for you to understand and plan for the removal of your items.

2. On-Site Assessment: Once we arrive at your location for the service call, our team will assess everything you’d like us to take. This on-site assessment allows us to provide a precise and free, no-obligation price quote.

3. Free Price Quote: We provide a free and comprehensive price quote based on the items and the space they occupy. This quote gives you a clear understanding of the cost involved in your junk removal.

Junk Removal Service Areas

We proudly provide junk removal services in your area that includes cities like:



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Our pricing for every is determined on the amount of space your junk or debris take up in the back of our truck. Depending on how much you want us to haul, you may fall into one of several price ranges. If you're unsure how much space your stuff will require, call us at 2892120002. We would be delighted to offer you with a free estimate!
Just call us at 2892120002 to speak to our expert. Or you can book directly through or website.
Once we have an appointment we'll give you a time slot and pay you visit within that slot. After looking the work we'll give you an upfront quote.
Once the job is completed you can pay us with cash, credit or debt card or cheque anything you want.
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